Diversity of thought for better ideas has never been more crucial.

We deliver innovation-led strategies to help you retain and attract top-performing women.

Because men + women = better thinking



You need creativity to build better products and solve your biggest business problems.  Our Inclusive Innovation Lab eliminates fixed thinking, optimizes talent resources  and reskills your teams for better take-to-market ideas.


We help you bring inclusion "talk" to the operational-team-level "walk", catapulting your organization's reputation as an employer of choice for high potential female talent.


Organizations with gender balanced teams during ideation improve their financial success. Our proven creative problem solving methodology guarantees a fast track to new ideas to persistent problems and guarantees immediate engagement in teams.


You need to respond to a diverse global marketplace and reflect your customer base to drive revenue.  This starts on the inside. We inspire new conversations and action toward inclusive cultures.


"Propelle helps realize the promise of inclusion in the innovation process."

Marguerite McLeod Fleming, Co-founder


We work with inclusive organizations to help them fast-track innovation, leveraging diversity of thought from their own teams. 

We use a proprietary Inclusive Innovation creative thinking methodology, anchored in Systematic Inventive Thinking TM.

Our Inclusive Innovation process ensures that more women get more access to opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives on business problems.   With our gender-balance, results-focus approach, you'll get ideas you can bring to market and leadership development opportunities that build engaged, inclusive teams. 


Consulting: We use this methodology to help clients bring new ideas to attracting female talent.  We use it to help clients elevate the female talent they already have.   We facilitate teams to achieve next-level, low-stakes strategies that can be implemented immediately. 

Training:  We teach this Inclusive Innovation playbook to team leaders to ensure immediate lifts or scalable solutions: any team can use it to elevate diversity of thought, invite the right mix of people to the team for best ideas, and bring new, doable innovation to processes and products that reflect your customer needs.

women's leadership programs workshops

"This really put our unconscious bias awareness into action."

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High performance cultures are built by inclusive leaders who are self aware, motivated to grow and aligned with organizational goals and values.  We support these team members to elevate responsiveness, improve effectiveness in their jobs, optimize relationship capital, and take ownership of their behaviors and careers.  We offer best in class coaches and tools to ensure inspired clientele and measurable results.

Programs available for high-potential women and for crisis leadership competency development.


Our speakers bring life-long careers of pursuing leadership for women, and turning awareness into behavior change.  Recent Topics: The Dangers of Fixed Thinking,  Inclusive Innovation Playbook, Effectiveness is Doing the Right Things, The Profitable Power of Perspective: How Diversity of Thought Will Rescue the Marginalized, Building Resiliency and Inclusion to Boost Team Morale

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WHY us?

We help you implement ways to integrate inclusion at the operational level, in the day to day.  Because 70% of learning happens on the job, in practice.  This is what changes cultures to be more inclusive and diverse, not awareness campaigns alone.

And while we do this, we'll help you bring more innovation to your organization, teaching your teams new ideation techniques.

Because men + women = better thinking.

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