The Christian Business Women’s 6 Step Secret to Accelerated Business Growth, Personal Fulfillment and Making Your Mark On The Earth

Join Us On September 27th at 1PM EST to Learn More About How is Serving Christian Women in Business and Invite you To join Us For A Free Beta Course.

Marguerite Fleming here with an invitation for you to join us for a Beta Group of our new online Course “How To "Game-Changer Purpose Alignment System To Find Joy, Peace, Fulfillment & Alignment To God’s Purpose For Your Life" course series ...



In this Live Online Masterclass Beta Group, you will discover why  “you’re just scratching the potential of your life and business.” 

We’ll replace your normal approach to achieving business growth (working harder going the incremental approach) with an exponential growth model, grounded in scripture, that will help you to leapfrog your own goals and your competition.  You'll discover the practical secrets of those who change the world. It contains the knowledge and principles that today’s top CEO’s, and influencers live by. It is the “how to” for unusual achievement and leadership.

The topics covered in this training will equip every attendee to achieve their goals, impact the world around them, and will place them in the small category of “elite business owners” when it comes to knowing how to get results and living life fully.   Aligning your true purpose to become “the head and not the tail” (Duet. 28:13) in every area is possible when the keys found in this extraordinary training are applied to your life.


You'll discover:

  1.  The primary secret To Amplify Your Kingdom Purpose To Live A Complete Life

  2.  The 6-Step Process To Align the unique calling of Christian Women in Business to God’s greater purposes

  3.  Find your unique “business advantage” using your skills, aptitudes, interests to make more money and have more time

  4.  Shift your mindset.  Find what is holding you back from experiencing the joy, peace and fulfillment of aligning your business to your purpose

  5.  New ways to expand your services to existing and new clients with resources you already hav


Topics covered:

  • Balance between You and God’s Purpose for your life

  • Balance between Your Purpose and Business

  • Balance between Business and Family/Others/Ministry

  • Balance between Family/Others/Ministry and You

  • Difference between God’s Way and the Secular Way


It's called...
 "Game-Changer Purpose Alignment System To Find Joy, Peace, Fulfillment & Alignment To God’s Purpose For Your Life”.
I'm looking for a group of contribution-minded entrepreneurs and business executives who will help me make this the world's best course of it's kind and in exchange for your support, I will give you free access to the course when it's complete.


Since I will only limit this to a select handful of people, I’d like to personally invite you to apply before opening it up to the general public.
You may be wondering, "What is a Beta Group?" 
A beta group is a group of people who will go through the Masterclass and provide contribution-based feedback so that this course can become the go-to source for entrepreneurs, executives and business owners around the world. 


You will be a part of a program that shapes how business-people improve, scale and grow their businesses across the globe.

I'm opening up just 30 seats for this Beta Group and if you have a desire to get first access to these tools, and want to help make it better for all, then this is an opportunity for you.


We will be doing the Beta Group via Go to Webinar meeting help once a week for 2 hours over a 4 - 6 week period of time.  All sessions will be recorded and posted to a Private FB Group where you can interact with others as well as me and my team.
All you have to do is apply below by completing the form and I will let you know if you are selected.

Remember, click the link below to apply:
FREE Beta Course: " Game-Changer Purpose Alignment System To Find Joy, Peace, Fulfillment & Alignment To God’s Purpose For Your Life
Seating is LIMITED - REGISTER Now!

 Marguerite Fleming :)
P.S. - Not only am I going to show you everything I promised above, but I will also teach you the 5 primary ways that we creative ideas so you can teach them to your teams so your business can run like clockwork!


P.P.S. - All sessions will be recorded, so if you miss one, you will be able to get access and participate at your convenience.
Sign up now for the beta course and we'll see you in September!

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